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Features and benefits

What is earthing
Earthing is skin contact between you and the ground, coupling your body to the earth’s eternal and gentle surface energies. Going barefoot is a simple way to do this, though the weather does not always accommo­date such activity. More convenient ways include conductive earthing sheets and mats.
During earthing, your body becomes suffused with negatively charged free electrons that are abundantly present on the surface of the earth. Your body immediately equalises to the same energy level, or potential, as the earth.
Ø      Allows the body to gain free anti-oxidant electrons from the earth
Ø      Normalises the body cycles in tune with local rhythms helping to restore sleep and repair
Ø      Offers a direct path to earth for EMFs, helping to restore sleep and repair reducing interference
Using earthing sheets and mats is equivalent to walking barefoot on the ground making it as safe and natural. In clinical studies many people reported significant benefits, often with an hour for pain and after a few days for sleep. For chronic issues or long established sleep problems it can take longer. For healthy people it is a very valuable proactive, health support approach. For full information on Earthing and Earthing products, please see our website.
What are universal sheets and mats?
They provide a comfortable and conductive path from your body to the earth. The sheet has silver fibres and the mat is conductive rubber. They connect via a 2mm diameter cord to the earth via  grounding rod or into the mains house earth circuit.
What can Earthing do?
Ø      Can defuse the inflammation process
Ø      Can reduce or eliminate chronic pain
Ø      Many note improvement in sleep patterns
Ø      Better sleep increases vitality
Ø      Lowers stress and promotes calmness
Ø      Normalises the body’s biological rhythms
Ø      Thins blood to improves blood pressure and flow
Ø      Reduces muscle tension and headaches
Ø      Balances hormonal and menstrual systems
Ø      Dramatically speeds healing and helps prevent bedsores
Ø      Speeds recovery from jet lag
Ø      Discharges body voltage from health disturbing EMF